We are a duo out of Canberra looking to make feet and hearts move.

We have a reasonably wide spread range of musical taste and history between us, and there have already been some interesting and tasty results from the pent up creative fury we have been able to capture.

Be it dark and melodic or funky and bright, we have so far been really enjoying blending and experimenting with finding our sound.

Producing has been endlessly fun and it has not taken long for people to discover our sounds, feel our heat and join in on the ride.

All we want is to make raw honest music that we love and, in turn, we hope you like it too

– Mondecreen


The Mondecreen pair have become a favourite for Canberran night-life, with their bright electronic glitch sound getting people out of their seats and moving.

They have been frequenting culture hubs such as La De Da and the Chop Shop, where they have been collaborating with other musicians and visual artists to build rich and exciting experiences for attendees.

They are also enjoying success in strong institutional relationships, such as with the National Gallery of Australia and Australian National University.